Chocolate Christmas Crackers

We’ve gone in search of chocolate filled Christmas crackers and look what we’ve found ...

Giant Christmas Cracker

Giant Christmas Cracker from Butler's

This beautiful 330g gift cracker from Irish chocolate maker Butler's is filled with a cracking assorted selection of handmade chocolates, truffles, pralines, milk chocolate pudding truffles, marc de champagne truffles and a milk truffle bar. Priced at £12.00 it's available to buy from John Lewis


Organic Chocolate Christmas Crackers

Organic Chocolate Christmas Crackers from Jamie Oliver

Six decadent crackers from Jamie Oliver for lovers of luscious chocolate. Inside each cracker you’ll find four nuggets of organic artisan chocolate. Along with dark chocolate and chilli, milk and dark chocolate swirled with orange, or creamy milk chocolate spiked with Christmas spices there’s an entertaining choc-fact.
Set of six crackers £25.00 £12.50 from Jamie Oliver.


Rather Large Christmas Cracker

Rather Large Christmas Cracker from Hotel Chocolat

This Christmas cracker from Hotel Chocolat measures a staggering 64cm across and contains a selection of 40 chocolates (some with alcohol), 12 Christmas hats and 12 Christmas jokes. This cracker is certain to have a big impact.
£30.00 from Hotel Chocolat